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Cloth for ladies

So all about my new range of cloth sanitary pads.  I normally make hybrid versions (which will be found in my stockings), which are made with a fleece backing and no waterproof layer, the fleece repels any liquid back into the core, also the fleece stops any slippage and movement of the pad.  The cores are made up of bamboo fleece, zorb 11 and hemp depending on the level of absorbancy needed.  However an extra layer of pul can be added if a waterproof layer is needed, and is only available when bought in custom slots. They have a popper to secure the pad around your knickers.  They come in different sizes ranging from pad length from 7"- 13" pads and with different absorbancy levels of: lights, moderate/regular, Heavy and nights.  These are labelled by the colour of popper used: purple = Lights, Green = Regular/moderate, Red = heavy and Blue = Nights